Falls Audio manufacture here in Australia several types of audio cables. When you purchase a Falls Audio cable you are supporting an Australian manufacturer and keeping money in the Australian economy.

The cables are burnt in prior to delivery so they sound good right away. They use quality wire and connectors.

Interconnect cables

The interconnect range consists of the Clear Stream and the Viper. 

Clear stream 

The clear stream is a cable that preserves the clarity of the recording at a moderate cost.

Clear stream


The Viper is our ultimate cable and uses sliver connectors it has been designed to provide maximum dynamics and bring out the life in the music.

 The viper


Speaker Cables


The slipstream is budget speaker cable it has been designed to allow the music to flow easily.

Slip stream


The Ghost speaker cable is the result of more than 6 months of experiments in cable design and uses a novel approach and materials so the finest possible sound is achieved. The Ghost is a revealing cable and provides a warm sound and an excellent sound stage. The ghost uses high-end connectors and a combination of different wire types. The Ghost equals and exceeds other cables that cost more than double its purchase price.   

 Ghost Speaker Cable

 Custom sizes 

 Falls Audio can make you a cable for a special size that you require. Please call for a quote. 

Power Cables

eXtreme power Black

The eXtreme power black is designed for use with power amplifiers. It has high current capacity and uses shielded wire and quality plugs. The eXtreme power black cable will ehance the performance of your amplifier. 

Power black 


 extreme power cable


eXtreme power Blue

 The eXtreme power blue is designed for use with pre amplifiers and CD players etc. It has a medium current capacity and shielded wire with quality plugs. The eXtreme power blue cable will ehance the performance of your source equipment.

power blue