Western Electric Based Line Stage

This line stage uses the 310, 328 western electric valves and custom made interstage transformers and chokes. It renders classical music beautifully and has excellent tone and clarity. Particular attention has been placed on the power supply using a separate box and quality Jensen capacitors. New Old Stock STC versions of these Western Electic Valves can be supplied with the line stages. These valves can be seen in the photo with a white top cap.

There are few line stages at any price that equal the level of performance achieved here. Dynamics and clarity are also excellent. (An ultimate version under development will include a transformer based volume control.) Please call for pricing and availability.

 Western Electric Line Stage

A picture of the underside during testing and development of this line stage.   A choke is being tested.


A SRPP Line Stage

The SRPP line stage runs 6n7GT and 6SG7 valves. It has a very lively presentation and excellent clarity. It offers 3 line level inputs. Please call for pricing and availability.


 A side on view of the SRPP line stage:

Side view of grounded grid preamp.

205D Line Stage

The 205D line stage is a fully custom build two-box line stage with separate power supply using a U52 rectifier valve.

 p7123363 1

This line stage achieves the highest possible audio performance only premium parts were used in its construction. As well as high spec Tango and Lundahl transformers, the line stage uses a transformer volume control. You may have heard 205D valves can be noisy, that is true filament filters are used, and separating the power supply drops the noise floor, as does careful wiring and layout. As customers of these 205D line stages report the 205D valve can sing without being noisy.

  p7123369 1


 p7123376 1

This line stage looks good yet I bet you are wondering how does it sound?

Well, it is a blend of old and new, the original western electric 205D valves are simply staggering particularly on the human voice, they render voices in a particular life-like way. The 205D also has an overall balance and naturalness that adds realism to musical instruments. Youll forget that you are listening to hi-fi and will be beguiled by the music. The 205D line stage gives the music more emotional impact; the emotional nuances in the music are rendered beautifully. The musician’s artistry shines with this pre amp.

The TVC and the quality of the other parts and circuit provide great timbre ad realism without loss loss of transparency. In fact, this line stage allows you to hear things in your favourite discs that you never knew were there. It has lively presentation of the music not overly romantic and slow.  In a world of mass manufactured commodities, this line stage is of heirloom quality something you would want to pass on to generations to come. This is very rare piece of equipment very few people in the world own a line stage like this and have the privilege of enjoying what a 205d line stage can do for music.

This line stage will compete with the best possible line stages in the world regardless of price. If you want a whole of life line stage one that you will never tire of, one that you would take to your desert Island Utopia this is it.  (Given the extensive manufacturing and cost of the parts needed please call me for a quote.)