Falls Audio offers a full range of electronic service and repair work, from servicing amps, guitar amplifiers through to radios CD players and record players. We also do speaker repairs.
An old valve radio at Falls Audio to be serviced.
An Old Radiogram at Falls Audio to be serviced.
Record player servicing can include cartridge replacement rewiring and adjustment, tonearm repairs through to idler wheel replacement or reconditioning or replacement of other broken parts.
Well this Leak pre took quite a few hours to fix. It had many faults. There was three main problems, the first was from manufacturing two wire were on the input and the wiper backwards to the volume control causing one chan to be loaded than the other. Second a faulty valve socket was causing crackles and hissing noises. An the last one was buy the previous repairer trying to find the problem and ended up wiring the balance pot to the wrong channels. Any after all that it now works perfectly. The pre amp sounds good for the 60’s but it pulls the performance of the Leak 20 down. Testing with a pre I designed on the Leak 20 is amazingly great Amplifier.
Field coil power supply
Many people have discovered the magic of the vintage electro magnet speakers. These field coil speakers requires a well engineered power supply with sufficient current to get the best from them. The most common electro magnet coils are usualy between 1400 ohms to 2800 ohms. The power supply must be able to supply between 95 to 150volt depending the coil resistance.
Each type of speaker has a sweet spot and that is why a four position voltage selector is fitted. This supply was engineered for two 2800 ohm field coil Rullit speakers made in germany which will be connected in parralell. I have done another supply before for a set of these and found in his setup that 120v was the sweetspot in the customers listening room.
What ever servicing needs you have give me a call to discuss how I can help you.  
Paul Baker